We participate with many insurances, but not all (there are differences in reimbursement and paperwork required). Please make sure we can accept your insurance before your visit. If your insurance changes, please let us know.


Also, your insurance company is the only one who can tell you what your plan covers. There are many insurers and the same insurance company can have different plans with different benefits.


A service or medication may be “covered” but you may still have to pay a large portion of the cost if you have a deductible. Please call your insurer if you have any questions as to what is covered. We try to keep up, but there are so many different insurances.


Please let us know before your visit if you would like us to file your visit as a “well-woman exam”. It is defined by most insurers as a “Cervical or vaginal cancer screening and a pelvic and clinical breast exam”.   That’s it. If you are having any problems, concerns, or your exam is out of the ordinary, then the visit becomes an office visit. It is coded differently and your copayment may be different than for a well-woman exam. Due to the large of amount of information that must be considered, your first visit is often billed as an office visit.


HMSA Quest: Quest patients all have a Primary Care Physician (PCP).  A written referral from your PCP is required prior to any visits, except for routine Annual Exams. Without this referral, your visit will not be covered. Currently, we only accept HMSA Quest.